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Wood Filaments

We are happy to be the first supplier to provide wood filaments to the US market that will not cost you an arm and a leg.  Plus our shipping is fast and cheap, meaning you will be printing in woody goodness in no time. 

Our wood filaments are comprised of a mixture of wood dust and bits mixed into  thermoplastic.  It exhibits qualities similar to PLA, best printed on a heated bed. The color is naturally light, similar to pine, and has a slight texture to it. 


  • Has a natural look and feel.
  • Can be sanded like real wood.
  • Super sticky, sticks to the plate like glue.


  • Nozzle clogs are more prone.
  • More expensive than ABS/PLA.

Print Temperatures

  • Recommended print temperature - 220C 
  • Plate temperature - 80-100C