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Our Filaments

Premium high quality filaments for use with Reprap, Afinia, MakerBot, PrintrBot and other 3d printers.  Available in 1.75mm or 3mm to fit your needs. 

Color: Whites, Blacks, Reds, Greens, Yellows, Blues, Glow in the Dark White, Glow in the Dark Green, Natural Wood Filament.

Material: ABS or PLA

Size: 1kg (2.2lbs) Spool in a shrink wrapped package. 

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm +/- 0.10mm
Filament Diameter: 3.00 mm +/- 0.10mm
Print Temperature: 210 - 250°C
Reel Diameter:  19.5 cm (7.70”)
Reel Height:  8.5 cm (3.30”)
Hub Diameter:  4 cm (1.57”)

Material: Wood

Size: 500g (1.1lbs) Spool

Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm 
Filament Diameter: 3.00 mm 
Print Temperature: 220°C